6 Standard eco-pellets

6 mm Ø Wooden eco-pellets

Raw material:

Sawdust with bark mixture.


6 mm Ø granules, approx. length 20 ÷ 30 mm. The pellets are characterized by darker color caused by the addition of bark mixture.


For specialized fireplaces and central heating furnaces with automatic feeding and temperature regulation that can be used as conveniently as gas or electrical heating.


Pour into the fuel reservoir, store in a dry location!

These pellets are burned in all pellet heating devices that are equipped with automatic ash extraction.

Product code| 3118
Compression1150 kg/m3
Heating/calorific value (in dry condition)17,8 MJ/kg
Max. ash content1-1,5 %
Max. water content7,5 %
PE - bag15 kg pellets
BigBag1000 kg
Loosely loadedCistern
Pallet70 bag = 1050kg
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