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The firm, BIOMAC Ing. Černý, Ltd., was established in the year 2000; however, Eng. Cerny along with his colleagues was professionally involved in producing biofuels from biomass since 1990. "At that time, we saw the first wood briquette, imported from Sweden and we immediately began to design our own briquetting technology.”



The firm today has two programs. The first is the design, supply, and servicing of briquetting and pelleting technologies for the production of standardized environmentally friendly fuels made from any biomass. The technology grinds wet and bulky wood biomass on a crushing line, then subsequently dries it to the desired heating value, compresses it into a small volume, and also wraps it into retail packaging. Since 1992 until the present, the BIOMAC team built 32 production facilities, each of which employs 6-12 people per day, depending on the shift, and each factory produces up to one truck of eco-fuel per day (approx. 24 tonnes). The combined production capacity of the BIOMAC brand thus exceeds 130 000 tonnes of pressed biomass per year.


The second program is the actual production, purchase, and subsequent sales of eco-fuels from biomass produced on BIOMAC technology. This particularly relates to wood briquettes and pellets, bark briquettes, energy chips, firewood, lighting splinters, newly also BBQ briquettes and wood charcoal for grilling. Originally, all of the eco-fuels were supposed to stay in the country and replace sulphur coal in the Bohemian countryside. The non-environmentally friendly policies of previous governments that supported fossil fuels soon forced the firm to export 95% of Czech production to neighbouring pro-ecologically orientated countries, where biomass fuels have a long-standing tradition. Through the standardized quality of fuels and targeted sales strategy, BIOMAC is becoming a direct supplier for Austrian, Italian, German, Danish, and Belgian trade markets. For this exporting activity, the firm in 2006 received third place in the “DHL Export Prize” and, as such, becomes of the “Most successful customers of 2006 Czech Trade." Aside from personal production, BIOMAC also purchases and sells other products abroad from Czech and Slovak biomass fuel producers.


The firm’s long-term goal is to return as a producer of eco-fuels on the Czech market and to progressively replace sulphur coal used in our countryside and constantly more expensive natural gas.


Our goal is to introduce produced Biomac eco-fuels directly to households of our end customers so that they not only save money, but also the environment around them.

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