Dřevěné brikety SPECIAL

Light 75 mm Ø full wooden eco-briquettes

Raw material:

Clean, dry shavings made from softwood spruce, pine, larch) without mixture of bark.



Characterized by their softwood colour, smaller diameter, and high compacting, which provides higher burning time and glowing.



For fireplaces, tile stoves, and other heating devices with a smaller feed entrance and fire place. Particularly suitable as fuel in stoves.



Break up into smaller pieces as needed, fill the hearth approx. to ½ (expand when burning), store in a dry location!



Product code| 1114
Compressionup to 1270 kg/m3
Heating/calorific value18,7 MJ/kg
Max. ash contentjust 0,37 %
Max. water contentjust 8,8 %
Product meets standard ..ÖNORM M7135 (r. n. N2004179)
PE - package6 briquettes x 1,33 kg = 8 kg
Pallet126 package = 1008 kg
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