ENERGY TOP eco-briquettes

Full spruce eco-briquettes, 90 mm diam., PE-10kg

Raw material:

Clean dry spruce wood shavings.



Characterized by their light softwood colour, high heat value, full cross section and higher pressing, which makes them classic eco-briquettes with medium burning time. They are marked by their low ash content.



For full-day heating and maintain a stable room temperature (full eco-briquettes burn longer). For furnaces and tile stoves that are sensitive to ash content.



Break up into smaller pieces as needed, fill the hearth approx. to ½ (expand when burning) max., store in a dry location!


Product code| 1480
Compression1250 kg/m3
Heating/calorific value18,9 MJ/kg
Max. ash contentjust 0,28 %
Max. water content8,2 %
Product meets standard ..ÖNORM M7135 (r. n. N2004178)
PE - package4 bbriquettes x 2,5 kg = 10 kg
Pallet104 package = 1 040 kg
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