EXTRALONG night briquettes

EXTRALONG bark eco-briquettes Ø 90 mm full

Raw material:

Only clean, tree bark washed in water.



They are the longest-burning eco-briquettes. They have a typical dark brown to black colour of tree bark with highest pressing possible, which compared to wooden eco-briquettes burn and broil up to twice as long. So-called “night” eco-briquettes. Burning period as much as 10 hours !


For all heating devices including fireplaces and furnaces, where a constant room temperature is required thanks to the longer burning and broiling time.



Break up into smaller pieces, fill the hearth approx... to ½ (expand when burning), store in a dry location!

Product code| 2128
Compression1300 kg/m3
Heating/calorific value≤ 17,4 MJ/kg
Max. ash content2,7 %
Max. water content9,8 %
Product meets standard ..ÖNORM M7135 (r. n. N2004177)
PE - package5 briquettes x 2 kg = 10 kg
Pallet100 package = 1 000 kg
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