PREMIUM eco-briquettes

Full beech eco-briquettes, 90 mm diameter, PE-10kg

Raw material:

Clean dry fine shavings and wood dust made exclusively from beech wood.


The highest quality eco-briquettes, characterized by their dark brown beech wood colour and high pressing, which together with their fine fraction provide longest period of burning and broiling of wooden eco-briquettes.


Specially designed for expensive furnaces and tile stoves that are sensitive to wall lining damage cause by wet, improperly dried wood, which requires very high quality fuel, provides slow and steady heat with long glow time.


Break up into smaller pieces, fill the hearth approx.. to ½ (expand when burning), store in a dry location!


Product code| 1923
Compression1250 kg/m3
Heating/calorific value18,9 MJ/kg
Max. ash content0,4 %
Max. water content8,5 %
Product meets standard ..ÖNORM M7135 (r. n. N2004178)
PE - package5 briquettes x 2 kg = 10 kg
Pallet100 package = 1 000 kg
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