Price comparison


You can use the following bar graph to compare heating costs based on the type of fuel.






50% savings compared to gas

The average family house consumes 75,000 MJ of heat per seasons, which at current prices amount to approx. 34,000 CZK. You can create the same amount of heat using 4t of Biomac eco-briquettes. In addition, you only pay half price. Where will you spend your vacation for that money that you saved?


You will save one third less than coal

1000 kg of wood briquettes generates the same amount of heat as 1500 kg of brown coal. If you currently consume 300 m3 of coal annually, next season you will only need 200 m3 of Biomac wood eco-briquettes with a super quality and clean furnace. While 20% ash remains when burning coal (also requiring frequent cleaning), burning Biomac eco-briquettes leaves only 0.35% ashes, thus practically eliminating the dirty task of ash disposal.


Savings of two-thirds the price of electricity

If you heated your home up until now using electricity, your costs with eco-briquettes will decrease to nearly one-third. Electricity suits those who do not wish to lift a finger, but they pay dearly for it: The average household spends up to 47,000 CZK for electrical heating. With Biomac eco-briquettes, you only need to stoke the fire once every 4-5 hours and these couple of minutes of "work" with two fingers will save you annually over 30,000 CZK.


The pain of cutting and loading wood will have ended.

The heating value of wood is 9 MJ/kg, which is only half of that provided by Biomac wood briquettes (18.5 MJ/kg). One pallet of Biomac eco-briquettes thus replaces four boxes of firewood. Since briquettes also burn 4-5 hours (night briquettes twice as long), you do not need to wake as often, stoke and tend the fire, and you will finally get a good night's rest.

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