TURBO HARD eco-briquettes

Dark 90 mm wooden eco-briquettes with hole

Raw material:

Clean dry cutter sawdust from hardwood (beech wood, oak) or mixtures of various hardwoods.



They typically have a dark colour of hardwood; the hole in the middle facilitates heating and improved burning.



For quick heating of cold structures, such as weekend cottages and log cabins. Fuel for use in all types of heating devices. Recommended for day heating; upon burning, use night briquettes.



Break up into smaller pieces, fill the hearth approx. to ½ (expand when burning), store in a dry location!


Product code| 1725
Compression1210 kg/m3
Heating/calorific value18,2 MJ/kg
Max. ash contentjust 1,5 %
Max. water content8,4 %
PE - package5 briquettes x 2 kg = 10 kg
Pallet100 package = 1 000 kg
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