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How to burn briquettes

The briquettes burn like wood and glow like coal

1. Cut 1-3 wood briquettes (based on the stove size) to slices about 2 cm thick and light them up with a fire lighter. No kindling wood is required.




2. Let the cut wood briquette pieces burn uniformly with a full air supply until the required stove/fireplace/boiler temperature is achieved.



3. Only beautifully glowing pieces of the wood briquettes remain. The heating system is heated up appropriately. Spread the hot pieces of the wood briquettes uniformly over the combustion chamber area and regulate the combustion by slightly closing of the air supply.


4. Put 3-5 wood briquettes (depending on the fire space size) onto the glowing material.



5. The wood briquettes will start burning and producing flame in 5-20 minutes and will burn and emit heat for several hours.




6. When the flame goes down, the wood briquettes only glow like coal. Once again, this process will last several hours.


If steps 4-6 proceed while the air inlet is off, the wood briquettes will remain compact while burning and glowing, thus producing the heating effect for a very long time. This is how the wood briquettes are used most efficiently and most economically.

The whole effect is also dependent on the heating system size, chimney draft and atmospheric pressure. Still, the wood briquette quality is the decisive factor. Only top quality wood briquettes will provide the comfort you expect.
We recommend paying a lot of attention to this process: you will soon find out how to get most of the wood briquettes for your stove.

This is just one of the examples of how to appropriately make use of the properties of this superb ecological fuel. It is imperative that the process of wood briquette glowing is attained without use of the air inlet!!!

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