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Clean dry spruce shavings, no bark, no binders.



Pellets approximately 5-40 mm long, 6 mm in diameter. These are the only Czech pellets consisting of 100% clean dry spruce shavings. With their typical light colour of spruce wood, these top-quality pellets feature a high calorific value, lowest ash (mere 0.35%) and high bulk density extending the combustion time. The pellets are manufactured using our own BIOMAC pelleting technology.

Technical parameters

Diameter 6 mm
Bulk density 600-750 kg/m3
Calorific value Min. 17,0 MJ/kg
Ash content Max. 0,35 %
Water content Max. 8 %
Mechanical resistance Min. 99 %
Certification ENplus A1 CZ007


The pellets are suitable for all stove, boiler and fireplace types designed for firing wood pellets as well as for automatic coal-fired boilers. No mechanical burner cleaning system is required.



PE bags 15 kg
Pallet 70 bags/1050 kg
BigBag 1000 kg
Bulk blown by tanker truck

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Diameter: 6 mm
Calorific value: min. 16,8 MJ/kg
Ash content: max. 0,5 %
Water content: max. 10 %
Certification: ENplus A1 CZ007

Clean dried spruce sawdust, no bark, no binders.


Diameter: 6 mm
Calorific value: min. 16,0 MJ/kg
Ash content: max. 2 %
Water content: max. 10 %
Certification: Ne

Clean dried sawdust with some bark.

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