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BIOMAC s.r.o. was established in 2000. The founder of the company, Ing. Zdeněk Černý, has however been engaged in the biomass-to-fuel transformation industry since 1990. “It was then that we could see the first wood briquette, imported from Sweden, and immediately started designing our own briquetting technology”, Mr Černý explains.

Currently the company has two business lines. The first line includes the design, supply and service of briquetting and pelletizing technologies to transform biomass into standardised ecological fuels. The incoming material for the technology is wet and very voluminous wood biomass, which is crushed on a crushing line, dried to provide the desired calorific value, compressed into a small volume and packaged for sale. BIOMAC staff has built 51 production facilities since 1992, each with a staff of 6-12 employees (depending on the working shift system) producing up to a truckful (approximately 24 tons) of ecological fuel daily.

The other company business line includes manufacture or purchase and subsequent resale of ecological fuels from biomass, manufactured on the BIOMAC technology. Ecological fuels include primarily wood briquettes and pellets, tree bark briquettes, energy-producing wood chips, firewood, kindling chips, BBQ briquettes and BBQ wood-coal.

prodané palivo
162 000
Sold fuel tons
in 2017
20 Years
Traditions in the production of eco-fuels
Exporting countries
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Stores in the Czech Republic
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Stores in Slovakia
55 000
19. December  2018  
01. November  2018  
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