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      1. Cash in store Bikeshop

      In the personal pickup of the goodsat the storeyou can pay bycardorcash.

      2. Instalment – TALAMAC (od 4000 Kč)

      InstallmentsalefromTALAMACisquickandeasyhandlingwith justtwopaperswith a photo(identity card,driving license).

      You do not haveenoughfundstogetherorjust preferrepaysmallamountsbefore payingalargesum of money?

      Use the convenientrepaymentprogramsTALAMAC.

      After completingthe orderformthatappearsbeforeyoufill in all theinformationaboutyour person,permanent residence,employer,etc..,Whichrequiresthe companyTALAMCforthe successful execution ofthe loan.

      Allinformation istreated as strictlyconfidential,enteringdirectlyto the website ofthe Czech RepublicTALAMC,asBezprostředněaftercompleting andsubmitting the formyou will receive informationaboutprior approvalorrejection.

      In somecases,the request isfurther processedandforwarded forfurther consideration.Itsoutcomewillalways bepersonallyinformed.

      3. Payment by card

      Easypaymentof yourgoods, instantcontrolof yourpayment.Please verifythat you havethis serviceonyour cardactive.Informationyouprovideyourbank.You canpay by credit cardonourphysical storeorcarrierPPLandDPD.

      4. Cash on delivery

      Your selectedtransportingcompany,youwill beinformedby telephonewhen andto what addressyou want the itemsdelivered.The companyyouwill becontactedby telephonein advanceto arrangeatimetotake over.Ifyoudo not findthe driverdelivers theshipmentthe next day.Alwaysplease have therequiredamount,speed upthereturn of the item.

      • Paymant cash on delivery – 30 kč
      • Paymant cash on delivery by card – 25 kč
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