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      Terms and Conditions

      (znění účinné od 23. 11. 2023)

      1. General

      These businessterms and conditionsapplyin the online store and conditionsand clarify the rightsandobligations of the sellerandthe buyer.

      All contractualrelations are concludedinaccordancewiththe laws of theCzechRepublic,the consumer,thetermsof trade relations notgoverned by the CivilCode (No..40/1964Coll.)Andthe Consumer Protection Act(No..634/1992Coll.).Ifa party toany other entitymanagesthese relationshipsCommercial Code (No..513/1991Coll.),All as amended.

      2. Order andpayments

      Minimumorder valuenot established.After submitting the orderyouwill begivenat registrationemailsentconfirmation.If yourconfirmationemaildoes not arrivewithin 2 hours ofconfirmation of the orderorin the orderyou will finddiscrepancies,pleasecontactus immediately.By orderinggoodsyou acknowledgethat you have readthe Terms and Conditionsandagree with them.All ordersare sentby pressing "SENDORDER"are considered binding.You cancancelyour orderupto 24 hoursby email.

      You can pay bybank transfer toour accountby COD,cash on deliverycard.In thecase of personalpickup atthe storeas well ascashorcard

      3. Registration

      In our shop you can buy as well as registered and not registered customers. Depending on which option you choose, you choose either way:

      • Sign In (for registered customers)
      • Register (forthosewho wantinour shopto set upa user account)
      • Nákup bez registrace

      The advantage ofbuyingwith the registrationlies in the factthatyou havecreatedyour useraccount,which includes informationrelated to theorderingand payment ofgoods(address,contact information, etc..)Andhistory ofprevious orders.For each purchase, thefollowinginformation is automaticallydisplayed and youdo not need toalwaysre-listing.

      4. Delivery

      Goodswill be sentby mailCzech,shipping servicePPLorDPD.You canpick it upin personat our storeBikeshop, spol, sroOstružnická20, Olomouc77900th. Save youpostage

      The cost of postageand handling (with VAT):

      • Czech Post - The packageonhand 90 Kč
      • Czech Post - The packageon Post 89 Kč
      • PPL 95 Kč
      • DDP 90 Kč

      Pricepayments (with VAT)

      • Payment by transfer – 10 kč
      • Payment on Delivery – 30 kč
      • Payment on delivery by card – 25 kč
      • Payment by cash – 0 kč
      • Payment by credit – 20 kč
      • Payment by card  online – 0kč

      Each consignment must beaccompanied by a taxdocument -invoiceorreceiptifthey arefilled withinformationabout the organization.Goods that arein stock,shippedwithin 48hours of ordering.Thedispatch of the goodsyou will be notifiedvia emailandsms.

      5. Receipt of shipment


      If youritems arrivedamaged- open,damagedpackaging,packaging etc.drenched.,Do not takeit.Ask thecarrierof the Protocol onthe draftingclaimsor defect.The consignmentwill be deliveredbackto the sender.The factof thedefect isandwrite a report, pleasetellusso we canagreeonhow to proceed.On thelaterof defectsby damageto goods in transitdetectedbeyond the presencepostmancan not betaken into account.

      Claims for damageto goods during transportation

      Incase of damage togoodsduring transportmust beto complain to thevendorquickly as possible.In the case ofCzechPost, you canlodge a complaintat any branchwithin 2 workingdaysfromreceipt.Czechpost officewill not accepta claimiftheclaimed defect isapparentalreadydelivered.In the case ofPPLandDPDisthe period during whichyou canreport anydefectsthree days.In bothcases, it isnecessary to maintain theitem in its originalcondition, includingpackagingandfilling.At the same time, please contact usby e-mail,we canhelp toquicklyresolve the situation.

      Checking thegoods

      Uponreceipt of the shipment, make sure thatthe deliveredgoods correspond toyourobjednávce.Vwhen thepackagearrivesincompleteorincorrectlydispatchedimmediatelynotify usby e-mail.By takingdamaged goodspasses to the buyerresponsibility.In the eventthat the buyerhas paidthe purchasepricegoestohimownership of the goodsthe takeover.

      6. Personal pick upin-store

      Goods canalso bepicked upin person atourstore.By prioragreement, it is possibleto collect thegoodsandon other daysand hours.Goodswill behereto pick upaftersendingthe confirmatione-mailthatyour order isready.Goodsare here for youkept for aperiod of 3days from thedate of shipmentinformatione-mail,the agreementmay bekeeping timeto adapt to yourneeds.

      7. Returns

      If you are notsatisfiedwith the goods, you canreturnwithoutgiving anyreasonswithin 14days ofreceipt of the shipmentbackand we willreturnyour choicepenízenebobarter forothergoods.Returned goodsmustbecomplete,undamaged,not consumableandable to be sold.Otherwise youthe opportunity toapplyhisreturn.Goodssendas a valuable package.ShipmentssentCODwill not be accepted.Alongwith the goodsmustbereturnedinvoiceorbill.Without ityou can notdeal witha refund orexchange of goods.Ifeverything is in orderthe money will berefunded to the buyerdebitslipwithin 30days from thereturn.At therequestof the buyercanbereturnedmoneyto their bankaccount.Moneyforpostagewill not be refunded.8. Záruční doba

      For the buyer, the warrantyperiod of 24 months,ifnotlongerlisted.Warrantyexceeding 24months, andits terms aremarked onthe warranty card.

      The warranty periodbegins on receipt ofthe goods receivedby the buyer.The warranty period isextended by the periodduring which the productis in warranty repair.In case of replacementof the productunder warranty,the warrantybeginsto runagainfrom the receipt ofnew things.

      Iftheproduct,itspackaging or instructionsmarkedinaccordance with specificlegislation,the deadline forapplications,the warranty periodis overthat time.

      Forcosmeticproducts, thedate of minimumdurability shallthe words "Bestbefore ...".The date of minimumdurabilitymay bestatedon the product packaging,theshelf life of 30months.These productsareusedsymbolopencream jar,inside whichisan indication of thelength of time theproduct can beused, for exampleafteropening.'s -Ifthe symbolof an open containerspecified12M, it meansthat the creammust beused within12 monthsfromopening.

      9. Warranty card

      Sellerwarrantsin writing (warranty).To the extent permittedby the nature ofthings,instead ofthe warranty certificateis sufficientto give the buyerproof of purchase,containing the informationthat must be includedwarranty card.If given morethan the statutory warranty, the sellershall determine the conditionsandthe extent ofthe warranty extensionon the warranty card.Warranty certificatemustcontain the nameandsurname, the nameorbusinessname of the seller, ID, registered office,if a legalperson,or residence,if a naturalperson.

      10. Complaints

      Warrantydoes not cover damagecaused by improperuse of the item,wear and tear causedby normal useordefectsfor which theprice was decreased.

      Complaints are governedby the Civil Code.

      In the complaintit is necessary tofollow this procedure:

      1. The complaintinform usby telephoneorviae-mail inthe shortestpossible timefromdetection.
      2. Provide thename,address,your bank account number(forthe purpose of transferringmoneyinthe recognition of theclaim)andthe reason for return.
      3. The goodssend with a copyof the invoice.
      4. Goodsshould be sentas a valuable package.ShipmentssentCODwill not be accepted.

      If the complaint isjustified, theproductwillbereplacedpiece bypiece,orrefundthe amount.The refunded amountdoes not include thecostof shipping and handling.The moneywill be credited toyour account.Incase of unjustified complaintsgoods will besentbackatbuyer's expense.In the case ofnon-conforminggoodsisin agreementpossiblereplacement.

      11. Zrušení objednávky ze strany provozovatele obchodu

      Provozovatel si vyhrazuje právo zrušit objednávku nebo její část v těchto případech:

      • Zboží se již nevyrábí nebo nedodává, není skladem nebo se změnila výrazným způsobem cena zboží.
      • Neproběhla platba ze strany nakupujícího.
      • O zrušení či změně v objednávce z výše uvedených důvodů budete informováni a následně s Vámi dohodneme další postup.

      12. Privacy

      The operatorisproperlyregistered with the controllerof personal data.Personal information isprotected from misuseand waste managementis governed by Actno.101/2000Sb., Protection of PersonalData, asamended.

      Personalinformation (address,phone, email)that you specifyinyour orderareprocessedforthe purposes of processingordersand communicatingwith the customer.Operatorundertakes not to providethe personal datato third parties,exceptgoodscarriers, and onlyto the extent necessaryfordelivery.

      By registeringatthe online store to the collectionanduse of dataaboutyou and your purchasesindefinitely.Upon yourwritten requestmaybedeletedafterexecution of the order.

      Do you want to write us sth about our products or e-shop? Do not hesitate to write us.
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